Investment Opportunities

Nigeria is an investor’s haven. With abundant mineral and human resources; the largest market in black Africa, the most endowed nation on the African continent, stable government and growing infrastructure, the opportunities are boundless. In almost every sector, there are limitless opportunities to invest and do viable business in Nigeria.


Investment and Business opportunities abound in the following areas:


1.      Small and Medium Scale Enterprise – Nigeria believes strongly in the role of SMEs in industrial development. To this end the country has set up the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), the National Economic Reconstruction Fund (NERFUND), the Bank of Industry (BOI), The NIPC  and various Technology Business Incubation centers in various parts of the country. Thus many opportunities exists in these burgeoning sub-business sector. There are various areas you can play in here and take one of the numerous advantages. They include:

i.                     Web designing

ii.                   Shoe making

iii.                 Fisheries and fish smoking

iv.                 Cosmetics manufacturing

v.                   Importation of various goods and items

vi.                 Exportation of various goods and items

vii.               Furniture making

viii.             Fashion designing

ix.                 Agro products processing

x.                   Solid minerals business

xi.                 Petroleum making

xii.               Down Stream and Upstream petroleum businesses

xiii.             Tourism and Entertainment

xiv.             Hotel, Restaurants and Fast food business

xv.               Transportation business

xvi.             Software

xvii.           Steel fabrication and construction

xviii.         Supermarket, stores and FMCG distribution

xix.             Consulting and Training

xx.               Internet provider

xxi.             Property Development and management

xxii.           Printing, Advertising and public relations

xxiii.         Education institutions, Training and research

xxiv.         Marketing

xxv.           Logistics, courier, freight forwarding  and distribution

xxvi.         Warehousing

xxvii.       Small scale manufacturing in pharmceuticals, drinking water, etc.

xxviii.     Leather works and goods.

xxix.         Etc.